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Landscapes millions of years in the making.


“After several years of working with our extensive collection of geodes, my series ‘terraForms’ suddenly came into being one day when I

simply picked up a geode from the bookshelf and saw a beautiful landscape within its colours and patterns. I decided to start photographing

these landscapes, and the resulting images range from abstract to quite realistic. As varied as they are, they all have one thing in common;

they are works of art painted by nature herself. I realized that in the simplest form, a painting is the use of water mixed with colourful minerals

to create an image. Over a great period of time this is exactly what nature has done inside every geode. The source geodes are ancient;

they range from 60 to 180 million years old. My photographs capture nature's self-portraits, and they grant us a peek into prehistoric earth, in

both a real and imaginative sense. TerraForms guide our gaze and our thoughts to some of the more mysterious aspects of this planet; they

create the kind of intrigue that is becoming increasingly important as we reinvent our relationship with nature.”

-- Tamara Hartson