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From the perspective of our busy lives, it is easy

to mistakenly view the world as a static,

unchanging place. We forget that the Earth has

known more landscapes than we can imagine.

The varied landscapes of Earth form, change and

disappear over time. Countless landscapes have

come and gone, never to be seen again. As land

changes and erodes, minerals are released and

carried by water. This is the beginning of a

process—a work of art—that takes millions of

years to complete. This process is the formation

of quartz agate and crystals.


Agate nodules and geodes form as landscapes

erode. They are, in a sense, transformed

landscapes. Sometimes, on a very tiny scale,

these agates encapsulate vast landscapes, as if

they are memories of ancient Earth. Perhaps the

magnificent landscapes from millions of years

ago are not entirely gone, after all. These are the

works of art created by Nature herself. They are

self-portraits millions of years in the making.